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Slice Portal

Quick Start

  • The Experiment's Slice must have been instrumentized using INSTOOLS.
  • Go to the Portal,
  • Enter your slice information
    • User Name used to create the slice.
    • Slice Name name of slice to be shown.
    • Certificate Issuer the certificate issuer associated with your User Name.
    • Password password given when slice was instrumentized.
  • Click Map Slice button to see the mapped layout of the slice topology.

Portal Interface

The Portal uses Google Maps to display the network topology for the given slice. The main map components are:

  • machine icon Machine node
  • Master Controller (MC)
  • Links are displayed as lines connecting the nodes.

Available Actions

Left Clicking on a Machine Node, MC or Link line brings up a Control form

  • Machine Node
    • Left Click brings up the nodes Control Box.

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