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updated VLans and proposed VLAN's IP addressed


Stanford connectivity diagram


See the following pages for more connectivity information.

Stanford's Internal Openflow Network diagram is here:

Connectivity Contact

Johan van Reihendam


  • Current:[Gi9/1]
  • Future migration (proposed-only):[Te2/4]

Stanford has reserved the IP range for use in testing the various networks established using FrameNet.

Local VLAN To For Status / Note
3700-3703 -- -- Free
3704 SiteBbn OpenFlow UP
3705 SiteIndiana, SiteBbn OpenFlow NLR Core Free
3705 - 3706 -- -- Free
3707 SiteClemson OpenFlow Provisioned
3708 -- -- Free
3709 SiteGeorgiaTech OpenFlow Provisioned

VLAN 3704
host IP MAC
ping 00:0f.f8:64.f8:00

VLAN 3705 (proposed)
host IP MAC
--- 10.37.5.X ---

VLAN 3707
host IP MAC
--- 10.37.7.X ---

VLAN 3709
host IP MAC
--- 10.37.9.X ---

Public Internet

An iperf test host is available on a 1Gb connection running IPerf (port 5001) and IpTables configured.



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