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NLR multi-point VLAN

  • VLAN ID 3705

NLR will deploy VLAN 3705 on every one of the NLR FrameNet switches. Project participants can map 3705 straight through to their projects on campus with no required translation. Some sites will not be able to use 3705 because it's already in use in their RON/Campus. Those sites can use any available VLAN and NLR will translate that to 3705 once their VLAN hits the NLR FrameNet switch. This VLAN will NOT touch the OpenFlow switches.

This is is a "typical" NLR Multi-point VLAN.

NLR OpenFlow Core VLANs

Each project participant is encouraged to map through two additional VLANs: 3715 and 3716. These can be delivered via new or existing physical connections to either the OpenFlow switches or the NLR FrameNet switches. The 2 VLANs will exist on every NLR FrameNet switch and on every NLR OF switch. If 3715/3716 is not available to a campus/RON, typically because its already in use, then their VLAN can be translated when it hits the NLR FrameNet switch. VLAN 3715 and VLAN 3716 are exactly the same, except for where the 'break' on the ring is. VLAN 3715 (North) has a break in the southern loop while VLAN 3716 (South) has a break in the northern loop. Note that this break is logical only; the VLAN is not trunked between the two switches on the corresponding physical link.

Below is a conceptual topology for VLAN 3715 North. VLAN 3716 South would look similar.

No image "NLR_OF_core_annotated_VLAN_3715.jpg" attached to SiteNlr/OpenFlowCoreDeployment

Campuses with a Shared Regional

It's important that each Campus have a dedicated VLANs provisioned through their regional. This would be necessary to ensure that the OpenFlow Core Switches are performing the switching decisions. Otherwise, traffic may go directly between campuses on a shared regional VLAN without passing through the OpenFlow Core switches.

Using OpenFlow Core Switches to reach NLR FrameNet

IF a NLR participant brings in a physical connection to the OF switch then VLANs can be delivered from this switch to the NLR FrameNet VLANs. In essence, this would be "production traffic" from the OpenFlow Core Switch's perspective.