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Establishing an endpoint

establishing an ION account

VLAN Provisioning

See ConnectivityGuidelines for a complete listof steps necessary to provision an end to end connection over a backbone.

Once you have an ION account you will be able to provision VLANs between site's endpoints ION VLAN provisioning webpage.

required Topology Info

  • Your endpoint's name
  • Your VLAN to this endpoint to dedicate to connecting to the other site.
  • Your partner site's endpoint's name
  • The VLAN that your partner site is dedicating to connecting to your site.

VLAN Translation

You need to specify both your site's and your partner site's VLAN IDs, as outlined in [#VLANProvisioning VLAN Provisioning as ION will provide VLAN translation automatically. The two VLAN ID's do not need to be equal.