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Heidi Dempsey

Data plane connectivity

External data plane connectivity diagram


Local VLANFrom To Purpose
1755-1759 reserved, exclusive OpenFlow VLANs via NLR
2601-2610 ExoGENI rack[Gi9/2] Reserved for ExoGENI use
2611-2643 free
2644-2649 InstaGENI rack[Gi9/2] Reserved for InstaGENI use
2650 poblano reserved, future mesoscale VLAN to NLR
3701-3703 free
3704 BBN internal dataplane SiteStanford point-to-point
3705 BBN internal dataplane[Gi9/2] NLR multipoint non-OF VLAN
3706-3709 free
3710 BBN internal dataplane SiteIndiana point-to-point
3711 BBN internal dataplane SiteClemson point-to-point
3712 BBN internal dataplane SiteGeorgiaTech point-to-point
3713 BBN internal dataplane SiteWisconsin point-to-point
3714 BBN internal dataplane SiteWashington point-to-point
3715 poblano[gi0/3] nlr-of-core North Current mesoscale VLAN to NLR
3716 poblano[gi0/5] nlr-of-core South Current mesoscale VLAN to NLR
3717-3725 free


Local VLAN To For Status / Note
667 PacketNet BGP Geni BGP Active


See SiteInternet2 for provisioned VLAN info.




Local VLAN From To Purpose
670 free
3726 BBN internal dataplane Michigan point-to-point
3727 BBN internal dataplane SiteRutgers point-to-point
3728 BBN internal dataplane ProtoGENI.salt point-to-point
3729 BBN internal dataplane ProtoGENI.Kans point-to-point
3730 BBN internal dataplane ProtoGENI.wash point-to-point
3731 BBN internal dataplane StarLight point-to-point
3732 BBN internal dataplane SiteKansasState point-to-point
3733 BBN internal dataplane SiteRutgers point-to-point, WiMAX
3734 free
3735 BBN internal dataplane NYU point-to-point, WiMAX
3736-3739 free
3740 BBN internal dataplane LSU (CRON) point-to-point
3741 ExoGENI rack Reserved for ExoGENI use
3742-3744 free
3745 poblano[gi0/9] Current mesoscale VLAN to I2
3746 poblano[gi0/11] Current mesoscale VLAN to I2
3747-3749 InstaGENI rack Reserved for InstaGENI use
3750 poblano reserved, future mesoscale VLAN to I2

Public Internet


Internal data plane connectivity diagram

Control Plane

Control plane connectivity diagram

Experiment resource control subnets

Subnet Gateway Purpose ExoGENI rack InstaGENI rack (reserved) Infrastructure (includes Production OpenFlow control plane) General Experiment Pool (includes MyPLC) Production OMF Production ProtoGENI



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