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NOTE this page is a draft representing layout


For a more detailed view of BBN's internal connectivity see this diagram


See the following pages for more connectivity information.

Options Index

Index for the various connectivity options. Click on the link to see this site's information (such as VLANs and IP addresses) for each option.


Heidi Dempsey


Local VLAN To For Status / Note
533 SiteUmassAmherst GENI Direct Connect - NoX Endpoint
546 SiteUmassLowell GENI Direct Connect - NoX Endpoint
3701 RENCI provisioned (available)
3702 RENCI provisioned (available)
3703 --
3704 SiteStanford OpenFlow provisioned
3705 SiteWisconsin OpenFlow Reserved - will move
3706 --
3707 SiteIndiana OpenFlow Reserved - will move
3708 --
3709 SiteClemson OpenFlow Reserved - will move
3710 SiteWashington OpenFlow Reserved
3711 OpenFlow Reserved
3712 OpenFlow Reserved
3713 - 3725 FREE

VLAN 533

VLAN 546
host IP MAC
ping 00:0C:29:4A:B0:0F

VLAN 3701
host IP MAC
ping 00:0C:29:4A:B0:05

VLAN 3704
host IP MAC
ping 00:0C:29:4A:B0:2D



See SiteInternet2 for provisioned VLAN info.

Local VLAN To For Status / Note
3726 SiteMichigan Geni Provisioned
3727 SiteRutgers OpenFlow Provisioned
3728 Pgeni ProtoGeni Reserved
3729 SiteWisconsin OpenFlow Reserved
3730 SiteWashington OpenFlow Reserved
3731-3750 FREE

VLAN 3726
host IP MAC
-- -- --

VLAN 3727
host IP MAC
ping 00:0C:29:4A:B0:23

VLAN 3728
host IP MAC
ping 00:0C:29:4A:B0:19

VLAN 3729
host IP MAC

VLAN 3730
host IP MAC

Public Internet




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