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Sign Me Up for the GENI Portal

Welcome to GENI!
This page tells you how to Sign Up for the GENI Portal. The portal is a web interface to the GENI Clearinghouse that manages GENI users, projects and slices. This account will provide you with the right credentials for using the GENI Testbed.
Login to GENI

Login to the Portal

The GENI Portal leverages InCommon to provide single sign-on authentication. If you are affiliated with a US college or University that is a member of the InCommon federation, simply login using your usual username and password to activate your GENI account. If you are not affiliated with an InCommon federated institution, you may request a GENI-only login.

Check if you can use your Institution's account

Use GENI If you want to check whether your can use your Institution's account to login, just go to [ the GENI Portal] and press the Use GENI button. Start typing your institution's name and if it is a member it will just show up.
== Now what? == Congratulations! You have your GENI credentials and you're good to go. If you're not sure how to proceed from here, you may want to try one of these GENI tools: '''Flack''' is a graphical user interface for finding and requesting GENI resources. It runs in your browser. * Visit the [ Flack page]. * Read the [ Flack tutorial]. * Watch these brief !YouTube video tutorials. * [ GENI Tutorial: How To Log In To Flack] * [ GENI Tutorial: How to Make a Slice & Reserve Resources] '''Omni''' is a command-line tool for finding and requesting GENI resources. You download omni and run it on your computer. * Find information on obtaining and using omni at the [ omni how to]. Once you are familiar with one of these basic tools, some sample experiments that you may want to try or modify are available at [wiki:GENIExperimenterWelcome].