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    2424If you are affiliated with a US college or University that is a member of the [ InCommon federation], simply login using your usual username and password to activate your GENI account. If you are not affiliated with an InCommon federated institution, you may request a GENI-only login.
    26 === Check if you can use your institution is part of InCommon ===
     26=== Check if you can use your Institution's account ===
     27If you want to check whether your
    28 If you don't need explanations, you may follow one of the following links. If you're not sure what to do, skip these links for just a minute, and read on.
    30 '''Visit [ new GENI project page] to start a new project as the project lead.'''
    32 '''Visit [ join a GENI project page] to join an existing GENI project.''' (You'll need to know the project name.)
    34 == GENI Projects and Experimenters ==
    36 Every GENI experimenter must be associated with at least one GENI project.
    38 A GENI project is a group of people working together for a particular purpose. For example, a project might be associated with
    39  * a particular lab or research group
    40  * a class
    42 A GENI project has a single project lead. The project lead is the primary point of contact for any issues with the project. He or she may authorize new experimenters to join the project. A project lead is generally a faculty or senior staff member at a university, or the equivalent at other institutions.
    44 In order to start a new GENI project, the project lead needs to provide some straightforward information.
    45  * Project name: A brief (up to 16 characters) name for your project, so we can identify it quickly. Including your school name and/or experiment name is helpful. Try to avoid words like "GENI," "project," "test," or "experiment," which don't really help to distinguish among different projects.
    46  * Contact information for the project lead: so we can reach you with questions, or if something seems amiss. Contact information should be accurate.
    47  * Basic information about your project: so we can understand how GENI is being used.
    49 == Getting your credentials, step-by-step ==
    51 GENI credentials identify you as an experimenter and enable you to request GENI resources. Your credentials are for your personal use only.
    53 If you are starting a new project, follow the instructions under "New projects."
    55 If you are joining an existing project, obtain the name of the project from the project lead (usually the responsible faculty member), and follow the instructions under "Existing projects."
    57 If you run into trouble along the way, contact the GENI help team at [].
    59 === New projects ===
    60  1. The project lead visits the [ new GENI project page], and provides the requested information.
    61  2. GENI staff review the project request.
    62  3. The project lead is notified via email when the new project is created.
    63  4. The project lead follows the instructions in the notification email to confirm account creation.
    64  5. (Optional) If the project lead has not already had a discussion with the GENI help team, we suggest that he or she contact us at []. This step is not required, but experience shows that projects are much more likely to be successful with a little getting-started advice. Really, we don't bite, and we'll try to help.
    65  6. Project leads may stop here or advise additional team members to join the project, following the steps below.
    67 === Existing projects ===
    68  1. A new project member joins an existing project by visiting the [ join a GENI project page] and providing the requested information, including the name of the project.
    69  2. The project lead is notified of the request via email.
    70  3. The project lead follows the instructions in the notification email to approve the new user request.
    71  4. The new project member is notified via email when his or her request is approved.
    72  5. The new project member follows the instructions in the notification email to confirm account creation.
    7430== Now what? ==