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    8787== 2. Become a member of  a GENI Project ==
     88Now you should be able to login to the portal, however in order to run experiments in GENI you would need to join or create a project, if you are :
     89  * a faculty member
     90  * or a senior member in a company
     91you can become a Project Lead and [#2a.CreateaGENIProject create your own projects].
     93Everyone else should join a project created by a Project Lead, you can ask any of your collaborators that fit the above criteria to create a project for you [#2b.JoinaGENIProject to join].
     95=== 2a. Create a GENI Project ===
     96A GENI account has no priviledges outside of a Project, i.e. as long as you are not a member of a GENI Project you can not use any GENI resources. In GENI only Project Leads can create Projects. Any faculty member, or a person in a corresponding position in industry, can request to become a Project Lead and thus have the capability of creating GENI Projects.
     99<table border="0">
     101      <tr>
     102        <td>
     104        <img border="0" src="" alt="Create a GENI Project"  height="150" title="Create a GENI Project" /> </a>
     105       </td>
     106       <td >
     107         <ol>
     108            <li> In the first page of the portal, press the button <b>Ask to be a Project Lead</b></li>
     109           <li> <FONT COLOR="black"> In the <i>Modify Account</i> page that showed up, fill in your telephone number; this is necessary for people that want to become Project Leads. Also check the box at the bottom of the page that says <b>Make me a 'Project Lead' </b> and press the <b>Modify Account</b> button.</font></li>
     110            <li> Wait until you receive an email that your request has been approved.</b>
     111            </li>
     112            <li> In the ''Projects'' tab click the <b>Create New Project</b> button</li>
     113            <li> Fill in the form as shown in the picture on the left;
     114                   Use your <b>own initials</b> and complete the <b>expiration field</b></li>
     116            <li> <FONT COLOR="black">Press the <b>Create Project</b> button</font> </li>
     117          </ol>
     118       </td>
     120    </tr>
     121 </table>
     125===2b. Join a GENI Project === 
    89127== Now what? ==