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Sign Me Up for GENI!

Sign up to use GENI at the GENI Portal.
For step-by-step instructions see below.

Note: If you already have an Utah Emulab or a PlanetLab account, you can use those to access GENI. You do not need to apply for another account.

Login to GENI

1. Step-by-step instructions for signing up

The GENI Portal leverages InCommon to provide single sign-on authentication. If you are affiliated with a US college or University that is a member of the InCommon federation, simply login using your usual username and password to activate your GENI account. If you are not affiliated with an InCommon federated institution, you may request a GENI-only login.

Check if you can use your Institution's account

If you want to check whether you can use your Institution's account to login:
  • Go to the GENI Portal and press the 'Use GENI' button.
  • Start typing your institution's name and if it is a member it will just show up; select it and press 'Continue'. If it does not appear in the list, read on to the next section.
  • Pressing 'Continue' will transfer you to the familiar Login Page of your institution. Log in to your institution using your usual username and password. If you get an error after you login please send us an email with the error you got.
  • If you successfully login, then follow the instructions in the next page, and press 'Activate'.
    Congratulations, now you have access to the GENI Portal. Now you need to join a GENI project .

If your Institution is not a member of InCommon

If you were not able to login to the GENI Portal through your Institution, you can request a GENI-only account. In order to do that, please fill out the form to request a GENI-only account.

Once you receive an email verifying that we have created an account for you (this may take awhile), you can follow the above instructions but as your Institution use 'GENI Project Office'.

What now?

Congratulations, you have successfully signed up for GENI. In order to access GENI resources you will need to be a member of a project. To learn about the concept of a project see here. For instructions on joining a project see here.