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Shadownet is designed to solve the problem of limited ProtoGENI backbone router resources. By leveraging the logical router features of Juniper routers, we can dynamically create virtual routers as slivers. These virtual routers are then able to provide carrier-grade performance and services for our slices.

The Juniper M7i "virtualizable" router has been deployed into the ProtoGeni backbone. The Instrumentation Tools project's INSTOOLS software system has been adapted to support the monitoring and measuring of these virtual routers in the slice. The measurements are user configurable and easy to access via two interfaces: the INSTOOLS Portal and the INSTOOLS Live View

GENI Shadownet Aggregate

The GENI Shadownet Aggregate consists of four Juniper M7i routers located in Washington DC, Atlanta, Kansas City, and Salt Lake City. They are connected by Internet 2 backbone links. Connections between routers are typically established via VLANs, but can also be established as GRE tunnels should that be desired. Each physical Juniper router supports multiple "Logical Router" abstractions that can be reserved for use via the GENI APIs.



UDP Graph


Shadownet-omis GEC9 PDF
Shadownet Vander Merwe GEC7 PPT

Contact/Support Information

For technical support using the aggregate please contact Hussamuddin Nasir (nasir at
For connectivity issues please contact Lowell Pike (pike at

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