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Project Title

A ShadowBox-based ProtoGENI Instrumentation and Measurement Infrastructure
a.k.a. ShadowNet, Shadow

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator James Griffioen
CoPI Zongming Fei
CoPI Jacobus van der Merwe
I2 Contactor Eric Boyd

Participating Organizations

University of Kentucky, Department of Computer Science
AT&T Research

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Heidi Dempsey


This proposal will deploy GENI-enabled commercial routers into the ProtoGENI backbone, develop S/W to enable per- slice monitoring and measurement, and develop tools and interfaces to control and access the measurement infrastructure. This proposal leverages measurement software developed at AT&T Research and combines it with measurement software ( INSTOOLS ) developed at the University of Kentucky

Shadownet Aggregate Information

An description of the Shadownet Aggregate can be found on the Shadownet project wiki pages.

Current Capabilities

Brief descriptions of resources/functions/tools that are available to anyone in the GENI community


Spiral 4

Project Technical Documents



Shadownet-omis GEC9 PDF
Shadownet Vander Merwe GEC7 PPT

Quarterly Status Reports

2010-Q1 Status Report
2010-Q2 Status Report
August 2011 Status Report
November 2011 Status Report

Spiral 2 Connectivity

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