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     3== Project Number ==
     7== Project Title ==
     9A ShadowBox-based ProtoGENI Instrumentation and Measurement Infrastructure[[BR]]
     10a.k.a. SHADOW
     12=== Technical Contacts ===
     14Principal Investigator James Griffioen [[BR]]
     15CoPI Zongming Fei [[BR]]
     16CoPI Jacobus van der Merwe [[BR]]
     17I2 Contactor Eric Boyd
     19=== Participating Organizations ===
     21University of Kentucky, Department of Computer Science[[BR]]
     22AT&T Research[[BR]]
     25=== GPO Liaison System Engineer ===
     29== Scope ==
     31This proposal will deploy GENI-enabled commercial routers into the ProtoGENI backbone, develop S/W to enable per- slice monitoring and measurement, and develop tools and interfaces to control and access the measurement infrastructure. This proposal leverages measurement software developed at AT&T Research and combines it with measurement software developed at the University of Kentucky
     33=== Current Capabilities ===
     35Brief descriptions of resources/functions/tools that are available to anyone in the GENI community
     37=== Milestones ===
     39Links to wiki milestone entries go here.  Use Milestone macro:
     41Purchase four Juniper M7i routers and install three of them ProtoGENI sites on Internet 2[[BR]]
     42Develop standalone control software to virtualize the Juniper platform[[BR]]
     43Develop a plan to incorporate the virtualized Juniper routers into ProtoGENI [[BR]]
     44Develop and demonstrate software tools to collect measurement data from virtual Juniper routers[[BR]]
     45Become familiar with the perfSONAR data models and representation.[[BR]]
     48== Project Technical Documents ==
     50Links to wiki pages for the project's technical documents go here.  List should include any document in the working groups, as well as other useful documents.  Projects may have a full tree of wiki pages here.
     52=== Quarterly Status Reports ===
     56due 31Dec09: [wiki:ProjTemp-4Q09-status 4Q09 Status Report]
     58=== Spiral 2 Connectivity ===
     60Links to wiki pages about details of infrastrcture that the project is using (if any).  Examples include IP addresses, hostnames, URLs, DNS servers, local site network maps, VLANIDs (if permanent VLANs are used), pointers to public keys.  GPO may do first drafts of any of these and have the PI correct them to bootstrap.  May also include ticket links for pending or known connectivity issues.  Many projects will have a full tree of wiki pages here.
     63=== Related Projects ===
     65[http://URL Project-Name]
     66Includes non-GENI projects.