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SecureUpdates Project Status Report


I. Major accomplishments

A. Milestones achieved


B. Deliverables made

Mar 28, 2010 1d) Demonstrate client library implementation that protects against replay and freeze attacks for Linux.

sent on Mar 27th

Mar 28, 2010 1e) Demonstrate repository library implementation that protects against replay and freeze attacks.

sent on Mar 27th

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

A. Activities and findings

We produced secure library implementations for the client and repository components. We began speaking with different groups about the potential for collaboration in year 2.

B. Project participants

Justin Cappos (PI)

Justin Samuel (Programmer)

C. Publications (individual and organizational)


D. Outreach activities

We gave a lightning talk at PyCon about the potential for integration with PyPI.

E. Collaborations

We had some preliminary discussions with the Raven, Tor, and PyPI developers to determine how our efforts fit into their projects.

F. Other Contributions

We discussed our progress at GEC 7 and gave a talk in the Cluster B meeting. We also discussed this project during the tools and services working group in GEC 7.