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Technical Status Report for secure software updates project for June through November 2010

PI: Justin Cappos

Major accomplishments

Milestones achieved


Deliverables made

Sept 30, 2010  1h) Deliver a design document for client library
selective trust delegation and key management.

Sept 30, 2010  1i) Deliver a design document for repository library
selective trust delegation and key management.

Sent to Vic Thomas on Sept 29th

   1. Demonstration and outreach at GEC9. Due 11/5/10

          o Demonstration of TUF to include protection against freeze,
replay, and endless data attacks.


Description of work performed during last quarter

We integrated TUF with distutils which will make it much easier for groups to adopt TUF. We have integrated with Seattle's updater and begun integration with other groups.

We have started work on trust integration and fixed a problem with earlier key delegation systems.

Project participants

Justin Cappos (PI) Geremy Condra (Programmer) Monzur Muhammad (Programmer) Franklin Pearsall (Undergraduate)

Publications (individual and organizational)

We presented a paper on TUF's resilience to key compromise at Computer and Communications Security (CCS) 2010.

Outreach activities

We gave presentations at several undergraduate research nights on TUF. We presented a demo on TUF at GEC 9.


We integrated with distutils. We have integrated into the Seattle software updater and will be added in the next production release.

We have had early stage discussion about integration with PlanetLab's boot CD update mechanism and PrimoGENI. We are working on proof of concept integrations.

We have continued discussions with the Raven developers about integration, but have decided to move on PlanetLab boot CD integration and PrimoGENI first.

Other Contributions