Technical Status Report for secure software updates project for Nov 2010 through March 2011

PI: Justin Cappos

Major accomplishments

Integration with PrimoGENI

Demo integration with PlanetLab

Milestones achieved


Deliverables made

b. Demonstration and outreach at GEC10.
    * Demonstration of TUF integrated with the PlanetLab and PrimoGENI
update systems
    * Guide for software developers planning on using TUF as their updater
    * Promote TUF to GENI software developers

(Completed at GEC 10)

Description of work performed during last quarter

We continued integration of TUF with distutils. We have integrated with Seattle's updater and PrimoGENI. We have a proof-of-concept integration with PlanetLab's boot CD. We have uncovered and begun addressing usability problems. We also have insight into the issue of disclosing a security vulnerability when retrieving an update.

Project participants

Justin Cappos (PI) Geremy Condra (Programmer) Monzur Muhammad (Programmer)

Publications (individual and organizational)

None this quarter

Outreach activities

We gave presentations at several undergraduate research nights on TUF.

We presented a demo on TUF at GEC10.


We integrated with distutils. We have integrated into the Seattle software updater and will be added in the next production release.

We have integrated with PlanetLab's boot CD update mechanism and PrimoGENI. We have more work to do to get PlanetLab's integration into production. Our understanding is that TUF is used in production on PrimoGENI.

Other Contributions

Justin gave talks that described TUF (and other topics) at multiple universities.

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