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Technical Status Report for secure software updates project post GEC14

PI: Justin Cappos

Major accomplishments

Integration with PrimoGENI

Demo integration with PlanetLab

Milestones achieved


Deliverables made

Demonstration and outreach at GEC14
 * Demonstration of TUF integrated into an updater used by at least one GENI project identified in Milestone 2.
 * Demonstrate private update retrieval feature of TUF.
 * Find other GENI projects that could benefit from TUF.

(Completed at GEC 14)

Description of work performed during last quarter

We addressed usability and

Project participants

Justin Cappos (PI) Monzur Muhammad (MS student) Luqin Wang (PhD student) Vladimir Diaz (MS student) Konstantin Andrianov (MS student)

Publications (individual and organizational)

None this quarter

Outreach activities

We gave presentations at several events on TUF.

We presented a demo on TUF at GEC14. Students in an introductory

security class at NYU Poly experimented with TUF and upPIR.


We integrated with distutils. We have integrated into the Seattle software updater and performed a beta push. We have worked on usability and code stability.

We have explored collaboration with the rack solutions provided by Rick McGeer and Ilia Baldine. While the projects seem too immature to need such functionality, we will produce documentation to clarify how integration may occur in the future.

Other Contributions

Justin gave talks that described TUF (and other topics) at multiple venues.