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     3== Project Number ==
     7== Project Title ==
     9Scalable, Extensible, and Safe Monitoring of GENI [[BR]]
     10a.k.a. S3MONITOR
     12=== Technical Contacts ===
     14Principal Investigator Sonia Fahmy [[BR]]
     15Sub-contractor Puneet Sharma
     17=== Participating Organizations ===
     19Department of Computer Science [[BR]]
     20Purdue University [[BR]]
     21305 N. University St., [[BR]]
     22West Lafayette, IN 47907 [[BR]]
     24HP Labs [[BR]]
     251501 Page Mill Rd. [[BR]]
     26Palo Alto, CA 94304
     28=== GPO Liason System Engineer ===
     30Vic Thomas
     32== Scope ==
     34This effort will develop a prototype shared measurement service based on the existing S3 service, integrate it with ProtoGENI and deploy it for GENI experimenter's use. This shared measurement service will emphasize scalability and safety to best utilize network resources associated with measurements.  The project will also analyze GENI privacy and security requirements for measured data, and prototype the service to address appropriate requirements in each development spiral.  The project will collaborate with related GENI measurement and security projects (e.g. University of Wisconsin's Instrumentation and Measurement for GENI) on a common GENI instrumentation and measurement architecture.
     36=== Current Capabilities ===
     38BRIEF descriptions of resources/functions/tools that are available to anyone in the GENI community
     40=== Milestones ===
     42[[MilestoneDate(S3MONITOR: S2.a Plan for measurement system on ProtoGENI)]] Software design document [[BR]]
     43[[MilestoneDate(S3MONITOR: S2.b Sensor pod implementation for a single ProtoGENI node)]] Initial version of sensor pod implementation for a single ProtoGENI node  [[BR]]
     44[[MilestoneDate(S3MONITOR: S2.c Demonstration)]] Demonstration of measurement system at GEC [[BR]]
     45[[MilestoneDate(S3MONITOR: S2.d V0.1 release)]] V0.1 of measurement system [[BR]]
     46[[MilestoneDate(S3MONITOR: S2.e V0.2 release)]] V0.2 of measurement system released for use by ProtoGENI experimenters [[BR]]
     47[[MilestoneDate(S3MONITOR: S2.f Demonstration 2)]] Demonstration of measurement system at GEC [[BR]]
     48[[MilestoneDate(S3MONITOR: S2.g Evaluation report)]] Report on evaluation of measurement system [[BR]]
     49[[MilestoneDate(S3MONITOR: S2.h V0.3 release)]] V0.3 of measurement system released for use by ProtoGENI experimenters [[BR]]
     50[[MilestoneDate(S3MONITOR: S2.i V1.0 Spec)]] Specification for measurement system V1.0 [[BR]]
     53== Project Technical Documents ==
     55Links to wiki pages for the project's technical documents go here.  List should include any document in the working groups, as well as other useful documents.  Projects may have a full tree of wiki pages here.
     57=== Quarterly Status Reports ===
     62=== Spiral 2 Connectivity ===
     64Links to wiki pages about details of infrastrcture that the project is using (if any).  Examples include IP addresses, hostnames, URLs, DNS servers, local site network maps, VLANIDs (if permanent VLANs are used), pointers to public keys.  GPO may do first drafts of any of these and have the PI correct them to bootstrap.  May also include ticket links for pending or known connectivity issues.  Many projects will have a full tree of wiki pages here.
     67=== Related Projects ===
     69Includes non-GENI projects.