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Timeline and Checklist for Using GENI in the Classroom

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Early, at least two weeks in advance

Depending on your class/event you want to start the process as early as possible.

  1. [Optional] Notify us that you will be using GENI.
    This will let us help you along the process. We strongly recommend this, if this is your first time using GENI
  2. Access to GENI
    • If you are planning to use the GENI Portal in your class and you have not used it before you should figure out how you and your students will get access to GENI. Read the SignMeUp page for more details.
    • Depending on the nature of the event there are different ways to setup access for your attendees
  3. Create a Project for your event.
    • Use a separate project for each class/tutorial you are organizing. This will make the account management easier.
    • We also strongly recommend to add an expiration date for your project. The expiration date should not be right after your event in case the students want to experiment for a bit after, but it should be close. We suggest to use 1 week after your event.
    • Add any other instructors or teaching assistants to the project as Admins. This will allow them to help with the management of the project and with debugging problems with the students.
  4. Choose exercises and test them
    We maintain a list of tutorials/assignments that you can use out-of-the-box. If you decide to use your own exercises we suggest you start at least a month before the date you are planning to use these new assignments. If you design new assignments/exercises we would appreciate it if you send them along to add them to our list so that other instructors can benefit as well.
    • Pre-reserve resources are planning to use. This will notify resource admins to keep an eye for problems and will allow GMOC to help you work around resource-maintenance and other outages.
  5. Decide what machines the student should use.
    Depending on the exercises and the event students might use their personal laptop, or lab machines etc. Also consider whether you need to create a VM for your students.

Approximately one week in advance

  1. Email pre-work to attendees
    • Gain access to the GENI portal. This may require some manual intervention, so it's important that people do this early.
    • Include laptop requirements if attendees are using their personal laptop
    • Instructions about downloading/installing the VM if you are using one.

Before first exercise

  1. Bulk add attendees to the project (doing this in advance makes the exercise go more quickly)
    • If this is the first exercise plan to handle students that have not done the pre-work, work with them as they login to the Portal and join the project.