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Getting Started with GENI - Part I


  • the instant gratification of doing "Hello GENI"


  • doing a single aggregate, Layer 2 experiment
  • use and understand 5 terms
  • using two basic GENI tools: Experimenter Portal and Flack


5 terms:

  1. Experimenter
  2. Project
  3. Slice
  4. Aggregate
  5. Resource (with mention of resource specification/RSpecs)


  • GENI Experimenter Portal
  • Flack
  • ssh & ssh keys

Rough procedure

  1. Login to Portal
  2. join GEC17 project (maybe this is prework?)
  3. Create slice
  4. Launch Flack, look around and draw sample topology
  5. Draw two VMs with a link (tell them which site to use)
  6. ssh into the nodes
  7. download and compile pingPlus
  8. run the listener and the sender
  9. Delete resources

Outstanding issues

  • What about IP addresses? EG does not assign IP addresses
  • Non-Portal accounts?

Getting Started with GENI - Part I