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Cloud Security Pedagogy Workshop Materials

To Dos in BOLD

Hour 1

  • 20 min - Talk: Intro to GENI slides
    • Add comparision of Amazon vs GENI vs CloudLab
    • Add more slides on security and cloud research with GENI
  • 10 min - GENI Terminology slides
  • 15 min - Demo: of Lab Zero content (control vs data plane, ssh, etc) demo of this exercise video
  • 10 min - Talk: How SSH with a Private Key Works slides

Hour 2

  • 20 min - Hands-On instructions
    • Login to the GENI Portal, Join a project, Reserve topology
    • Possibly make some slides to go with the exercise. Especially for walking folks through resource reservation.'
  • 30 min - Talk: Intro to OpenFlow slides

Hour 3

  • 1 hr - Hands-On: Combination of NAT and Firewall exercises Firewall and NAT
  • 10 min - Talk: Train-the-TA material slides
    • List of existing classroom assignments, mailing lists, further workshops, getting help

Extra material

  • 15 min - Brief discussion of RSpec and AM API which is applicable to both GENI and CloudLab slides

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