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GENI@SoX – A Regional GENI Deployment

Technical Contacts

PI: Russel Clark, Southern Light Rail, Georgia Institute of Technology ,

Participating Organizations

Southern Light Rail
Georgia Institute of Technology

GPO Liaison System Engineer

GPO System Engineer: Heidi Dempsey


This project will deploy an OpenFlow substrate in the Southeast region to enable GENI OpenFlow access at 19 member institutions and collaboration with GENI rack deployment projects. This proposed project will increase the accessibility of GENI throughout the Southeastern United States. The proposed project leverages previous work deploying GENI services on the Georgia Tech and Clemson campuses. GENI@SoX deployments will be fully compliant with GENI software standards for GENI aggregates, as published at GENI Engineering Conferences. The sites will use one or more GENI Aggregate Managers controlling access to the aggregate resources. The sites will also support GENI experimenter access. The sites will support shared GENI monitoring and operations procedures and interfaces for the meso-scale infrastructure as published at GENI Engineering Conferences.

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