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GENI Educational Kits for Wireless Sensor Networks

Technical Contacts

PI: Anish Arora, The Ohio State University,

Participating Organizations

The Ohio State University

GPO Liaison System Engineer

GPO System Engineer: Mark Berman


This project will develop easy-to-instantiate educational kits for sensor network experiments that are integrated into GENI. The project will also develop accompanying materials for training users and operators, and conduct training sessions and field studies with educational partners who adopt these kits. The kits will focus on sensor networks based on wireless and battery powered devices such as motes and smartphones used in static and mobile settings. The target users of these kits are non-expert users i.e. students and educators in the basic sciences, social sciences and engineering disciplines other than network engineering.

Current Capabilities

  • A virtual machine image of our Kansei Genie sensor network management software is available from our KanseiGenie Portal website. The virtual machine image allows plug-and-play capability for deploying a small sensor network from a laptop in a classroom educational setting.
  • Initial lesson plans using light, temperature, and sound sensors are under development for demonstration at GEC14.


Spiral 4

Project Technical Documents

GEC12 Presentation Presentation delivered at GEC12.

BAK-Kit Launching Site: The Benchtop mini-Array Kit (BAK) is the first version of our lightweight software for managing mobile sensor arrays connected to GENI. It is self-contained in a single virtual machine image.

KansieGenie link to BAK-Kit This page on the main KanseiGenie portal summarizes the BAK kit and links to the "BAK-Kit Launching Site."

KanseiGenie Portal The Kansei Genie portal for fixed sensor testbeds.

Post-GEC Status Reports

SensorKits: 1Q12 Status Report

Please use this status report template: QuarterlyStatusReportTemplate

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