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Project Title

A SCAFFOLD for GENI-based Distributed Services

Technical Contacts

PI: Michael Freedman, Princeton University
Jennifer Rexford, Princeton University
Steven Y. Ko
Erik Nordstrom

Participating Organizations

Department of Computer Science
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Vic Thomas


The project will build and deploy SCAFFOLD (Service-Centric Architecture For Flexible Object Localization and Distribution), a platform for designing and operating wide-area distributed services on GENI. SCAFFOLD will be a distributed service on GENI that serves as a platform for deploying user-facing services, thereby lowering the barrier for others creating new distributed services. SCAFFOLD will leverage GENI-related prototyping efforts such as OpenFlow switches, the NOX controller, the VINI backbone, the BGP multiplexer and the PlanetLab control framework. The project will use SCAFFOLD to build three services for GENI: A reliable DNS, a port of CoralCDN and a Flash-based video-on-demand service.

Current Capabilities

BRIEF descriptions of resources/functions/tools that are available to anyone in the GENI community


MilestoneDate(SCAFFOLD: S2.a demo switch)?
MilestoneDate(SCAFFOLD: S2.b datagram code)? Contact PI for software.
MilestoneDate(SCAFFOLD: S2.c demo server)? (Click here for demo description)
MilestoneDate(SCAFFOLD: S2.d stream code)? Contact PI for software. Documentation at
MilestoneDate(SCAFFOLD: S2.e multi server)?
MilestoneDate(SCAFFOLD: S2.f basic stateless server)?
MilestoneDate(SCAFFOLD: S2.g demo ingress proxy)?
MilestoneDate(SCAFFOLD: S2.h deliver ingress proxy)?
MilestoneDate(SCAFFOLD: S2.i demo flow migration)?
MilestoneDate(SCAFFOLD: S2.j http stateless server)?

Project Technical Documents

Description of a SCAFFOLD demonstration.
SCAFFOLD poster at GEC7.

Project web page at Princeton.

Quarterly Status Reports

1Q 2010

Spiral 2 Connectivity

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