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A SCAFFOLD for GENI-based Distributed Services

Technical Contacts

Michael Freedman, Princeton University <>
Jennifer Rexford, Princeton University <>

Participating Organizations

Department of Computer Science
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ

GPO Liason System Engineer

Christopher Small <Christopher Small>


The project will build and deploy SCAFFOLD (Service-Centric Architecture For Flexible Object Localization and Distribution), a platform for designing and operating wide-area distributed services on GENI. SCAFFOLD will be a distributed service on GENI that serves as a platform for deploying user-facing services, thereby lowering the barrier for others creating new distributed services. SCAFFOLD will leverage GENI-related prototyping efforts such as OpenFlow switches, the NOX controller, the VINI backbone, the BGP multiplexer and the PlanetLab control framework. The project will use SCAFFOLD to build three services for GENI: A reliable DNS, a port of CoralCDN and a Flash-based video-on-demand service.

Current Capabilities

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Due December 15, 2009

Demonstrate OpenFlow-based SCAFFOLD switch and minimal L2 network configuration (client, server, static switch)

Due March 1, 2010

Deliver source code and documentation for SCAFFOLD datagram socket API for UNIX

Demonstrate NOX-based rendezvous server and minimal L2 network configuration

Due June 1, 2010

Deliver source code and documentation for SCAFFOLD stream socket API for UNIX

Demonstrate multi-server SCAFFOLD network within L2 domain: client, multiple servers (part of same SCAFFOLD group), switch, rendezvous

Deliver source and documentation for basic implementation of stateless servers: transparent migration/recovery of application TCP flows (e.g., HTTP transfers of static content) in unmodified legacy applications and unmodified clients (e.g., Web browsers and HTTP servers)

Due September 1, 2010

Deliver source code and documentation for ingress proxy for unmodified clients

Demonstrate ingress proxy for unmodified clients

Demonstrate SCAFFOLD network within L2 domain with unmodified clients and with flow migration across servers

Demonstrate “stateless servers” technique on SCAFFOLD network for static HTTP content

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Quarterly Status Reports


due 31Dec09: 4Q09 Status Report

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