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    1414'''PI:''' Michael Freedman, Princeton University [][[BR]]
    1515Jennifer Rexford, Princeton University [][[BR]]
    16 Steven Y. Ko [][[BR]]
    1716Erik Nordstrom []
    2928== Scope ==
    31 The project will build and deploy SCAFFOLD (Service-Centric
    32 Architecture For Flexible Object Localization and Distribution), a
    33 platform for designing and operating wide-area distributed services on
    34 GENI. SCAFFOLD will be a distributed service on GENI that serves as a
    35 platform for deploying user-facing services, thereby lowering the
     30Online services, replicated on multiple servers in different datacenters, have
     31(at best) a loose, and often transient, association with specific end-hosts or
     32locations.  Yet, today, these services rely on host-centric networking
     33primitives designed decades ago, retrofitted with various "hacks" (e.g., ARP
     34spoofing and DNS with small TTLs).[[BR]]
     36This project proposes a network architecture
     37that meets the needs of these online services.  SCAFFOLD (Service-Centric
     38Architecture For Flexible Object Localization and Distribution) moves from
     39human-readable host names to machine-readable service identifiers, from
     40individual packets to flows, and from unicast communication to anycast.
     41SCAFFOLD hides network addresses from applications to enable dynamic remapping
     42as end-points change, (e.g., due to virtual-machine migration, failover, or
     43device mobility), and directs traffic based on successively-refined identifiers
     44to scale routing and limit churn.  While SCAFFOLD can be viewed as a
     45clean-slate Internet architecture, we primarily investigate how a single
     46organization can apply our solution today to host online services at multiple
     47datacenters. This project entails the design, implementation, and evaluation of a socket
     48API and network stack for end-hosts, and a network infrastructure built using
     49OpenFlow and NOX.[[BR]]
     51SCAFFOLD will be a distributed service on GENI that serves as a
     52platform for deploying other user-facing services, thereby lowering the
    3653barrier for others creating new distributed services. SCAFFOLD will
    3754leverage GENI-related prototyping efforts such as !OpenFlow switches,
    3855the NOX controller, the VINI backbone, the BGP multiplexer and the
    39 PlanetLab control framework. The project will use SCAFFOLD to build
    40 three services for GENI: A reliable DNS, a port of CoralCDN and a
    41 Flash-based video-on-demand service.
     56PlanetLab control framework. The project will also use the resulting SCAFFOLD prototype itself to build
     57several services for GENI, in order to demonstrate its utility.
    4359=== Current Capabilities ===
    45 BRIEF descriptions of resources/functions/tools that are available to anyone in the GENI community
    4762=== Milestones ===
    6277[attachment:scaffold-Mar01-demo.pdf Description of a SCAFFOLD demonstration.][[BR]]
    63 [attachment:scaffold-poster-gec7.pdf SCAFFOLD poster at GEC7.]
     78[attachment:scaffold-poster-gec7.pdf SCAFFOLD poster at GEC7.][[BR]]
     79[attachment:scaffold-talk-June20.pdf SCAFFOLD presentation (June '10).][[BR]]