1. Major accomplishments
  • Serval paper accepted to NSDI'12
  • VM-migration demonstrated at GEC12
  1. Milestones achieved
  • Serval running in Virtual machine (potentially running on Protogeni).
  1. Deliverables made

None for this quarter

  1. Description of work performed during last quarter

A lot of development effort has been put into getting the Serval network stack feature complete and stable. The Serval end-host stack now has stable migration support, allowing TCP connections to continue across changes in IP addresses. Work has also been done in service registration, and integration of these with the Openflow framework.

  1. Publications (individual and organizational)

Serval: An End-Host Stack for Service-Centric Networking Erik Nordström, David Shue, Prem Gopalan, Rob Kiefer, Matvey Arye, Steven Ko, Jennifer Rexford, and Michael J. Freedman. Accepted to NSDI'12.

Paper on Serval protocols submitted to DSN'12

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