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GEC 14 Slice Around the World Demo

A GENI engineering summary (GENI-centric view)

A general description is attached to this page. It lists all the labs that intend to be part of the SAW demo in some way. A one-sentence summary of the demo is that Starlight will engineer VLANs that span many different international research labs that have projects in network virtualization, and those projects will collaborate to run high-touch applications over dynamic processing and network resources. The first application is supposed to be scientific visualization for distributed computing associated with nanotechnology experiments.

A partial network diagram showing connections between Japan, Internet2 ION, ProtoGENI Utah (only) and NREN/Starlight (show as GENI cloud) illustrates how four non-GENI VLANs (1517, 1591, 1592, 1595) will be used. These VLANs do not overlap with any GENI mesoscale VLANs, but they do use the same ION ports that many GENI mesoscale connections use. The initial estimated size of these VLANs was 10Gbps, but they cannot be implemented at that speed at all sites, due to shared resource constraints such as ION.

A partial NREN connection diagram shows switches that may be part of SAW at NREN. This figure was actually intended to document how the InstaGENI rack at NREN will connect to GENI--disregard the VLAN information.

The Slice Around the World demo is not a mesoscale demo. It will probably include the InstaGENI rack, but it is not intended to be an InstaGENI demo per se. The GPO infra team is not responsible for coordinating this demo (Starlight is), but GPO infra will help with any GENI meso-scale or FOAM pieces that are needed.

The demo will be conducted for GEC14 as a preliminary demo with the focus just on getting international testbeds connected with persistent (at least for 3 months) VLANs and runnign applications. The GEC15 version of the demo should include actual GENI AM API interfaces for creating slices/slivers and managing at least some of the lab aggregates. Both versions will include OpenFlow, but the GEC14 version will not be GENI OpenFlow (e.g. with FOAM). The GEC15 version should include GENI OpenFlow. The demo will also be used for EuroView, GLIF, and SuperComputing conferences which occur at various times after GEC14 through November, 2012. The connections are expected to stay up continuously during that time, and ideally for longer, if the demo is successful.


(not a complete list):

Joe Mambretti (overall)

Jim Chen (networking diagrams, non-GENI VLANs, translation and interconnections at Starlight/MREN)

Tim Upthegrove/Heidi Dempsey (GENI VLANS)

Matt Zekauskas (I2 connections, including connections to ION and ProtoGENI)

Rob Ricci (connections to ProtoGENI and support for an NC7 VNode from University of Tokyo)

Aki Nakao (VNodes in Japanese testbeds and connections between them) (VNodes are based on commercial routers and OpenFlow switches, with programmable re-directors and controllers for setting up virtual slices and virtual network connections.)

Yuichiro Tahara/ Jin Tanaka (JGN-X network connections between Pacific Wave Los Angeles US and Tokyo Japan)

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