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     1S3MONITOR Project Status Report
     3Period:  July to November 2010
     5Title: Scalable, Extensible, and Safe Monitoring of GENI Clusters
     9Sonia Fahmy, Purdue University
     10Puneet Sharma, HP Labs
     12I. Major accomplishments
     14A. Milestones achieved
     16We have extended our implementation over the version demonstrated at
     17the eighth GENI Engineering Conference (GEC 8).  The new version 0.3
     18significantly improves the user interface and code organization over
     19version 0.2. We have also developed a script to make the installation
     20process smoother, based on feedback from Luisa Nevers at BBN.
     22We are currently conducting several performance tests of the system.
     24B. Deliverables made
     26Version 0.3 of the system and its installation and usage instructions is complete. The project web page can be found at:
     29We are conducting performance tests of the system.
     31During GEC 8 in July 2010, Sonia Fahmy participated in the meeting of the measurements working group, and gave a brief update. See:
     34During GEC 9 in November 2010, Puneet Sharma and Sonia Fahmy participated in the meeting of the measurements working group, and gave a brief overview of the S3 API. See:
     37Puneet Sharma also gave an update during the meeting of cluster C (the ProtoGENI cluster):
     40Sonia Fahmy demonstrated and presented a poster on the project during the GEC 8 evening demo session.
     42The two PIs and two of the Purdue University students demonstrated and presented a poster on the project during the GEC 9 evening demo session.
     44We are collaborating with several researchers on the GENI I&M specification document. Sonia Fahmy is leading the team writing the
     45GENI I&M interfaces and protocols (APIs) for service management,
     46working with Vic Thomas (BBN/GPO), Ivan Seskar (Rutgers WINLAB), Max
     47Ott (NICTA), and Giridhar Manepalli (CNRI). Puneet Sharma is
     48collaborating with Jeremy Reed from U. Kentucky and Guilherme
     49Fernandes from U. Delaware on the section on GUIs.
     51II. Description of work performed during last quarter
     53A. Activities and findings
     55We have continued to extend the sensor pod implementation for the
     56ProtoGENI platform, and made several changes to adapt to ProtoGENI
     59We implemented the sensing information manager.  The sensing
     60information manager is a data aggregation and management system that
     61collects measurement data from the individual sensor pods on physical
     62machines in the system. The researchers can configure periodic network
     63measurements on sensor pods on various nodes in their slice. The
     64collected data is stored in a database and can be queried and
     67B. Project participants
     69Sonia Fahmy, Nabeel Butt, Sriharsha Gangam, Ethan Blanton, Purdue University
     70Puneet Sharma, HP Labs
     71Ranjan Kumar, Sumit Kala, Nagarjuna Reddy Chevuru, HP
     73C. Publications (individual and organizational)
     75"Leveraging Correlations Between Capacity and Available Bandwidth To
     76Scale Network Monitoring", Praveen Yalagandula, Sung-Ju Lee, Puneet
     77Sharma, Sujata Banerjee, In Proceedings of IEEE GLOBECOM 2010,
     78accepted for publication.
     80"On the Cost of Network Inference Mechanisms," Ethan Blanton, Sonia
     81Fahmy, Greg N. Frederickson, Sriharsha Gangam, IEEE Transactions on
     82Parallel and Distributed Systems (TPDS), 14 pp., accepted for
     85D. Outreach activities
     87Sonia Fahmy served as the technical program committee (TPC) chair of
     88ICNP 2010 and as an Area TPC chair for INFOCOM 2011.
     90Puneet Sharma served on the TPCs of ICNP 2010 and IEEE INFOCOM 2011,
     91and reviewed several measurement architecture-related papers.
     93E. Collaborations
     95We participated in almost all bi-weekly Cluster C conference calls
     96held since January 2010.
     98During GEC 9, Sonia Fahmy and Puneet Sharma had several interactions
     99and discussions with potential collaborators for use and deployment of
     100S3Monitor in other GENI projects.
     102F. Other Contributions