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     1= S3MONITOR Project Status Report =
     3Period:  Fourth quarter 2009
     5Title: Scalable, Extensible, and Safe Monitoring of GENI Clusters
     8Sonia Fahmy, Purdue University [[BR]]
     9Puneet Sharma, HP Labs
     11== Major accomplishments ==
     13=== Milestones achieved ===
     15The Purdue contract with BBN was finalized on November 30th, 2009, and
     16the first milestones and deliverables stated in the contract are
     17scheduled for January 2010.
     19We are currently developing the system design document, and
     20investigating how to port the Scalable Sensing Service onto the
     21ProtoGENI platform.
     23=== Deliverables made ===
     25During the sixth GENI Engineering Conference, held in Salt Lake City,
     26Utah, Sonia Fahmy gave three presentations about the project:
     28ProtoGENI cluster meeting
     31Experiment Workflow and Services working group
     34Measurements working group
     38== Description of work performed during last quarter ==
     40=== Activities and findings ===
     42We are currently investigating the porting of sensor pods onto the
     43ProtoGENI platform.  A sensor pod is a web-service enabled collection
     44of lightweight measurement and monitoring sensors that collect
     45information at a machine. This information spans both network
     46properties such as network connectivity, latency to some other machine
     47in the system, bandwidth to another machine, and machine attributes.
     48These sensors gather information actively (e.g., send some packets on
     49a network link to detect available bandwidth) or passively.
     51The project PIs Sonia Fahmy and Puneet Sharma held telephone calls to
     52discuss how to extend sensor pods and port them to ProtoGENI. The PIs
     53also held a conference call with Robert Ricci to discuss challenges
     54with integration with ProtoGENI.
     56=== Project participants ===
     58Sonia Fahmy, Purdue University
     59Puneet Sharma, HP Labs
     61A graduate student at Purdue University will join the project in
     62January 2010.
     64While the subcontract with HP is still being negotiated, Puneet Sharma
     65has started reviewing resumes for an additional participant in the
     66project, with an anticipated start date in early January 2010.  This
     67participant will help port the scalable sensing service measurement
     68pod to ProtoGENI.
     71=== Publications (individual and organizational) ===
     73The following publication which is under revision is related to this
     76On the Cost of Network Inference Mechanisms, by Ethan Blanton, Sonia
     77Fahmy, Greg N. Frederickson, Sriharsha Gangam, under revision for
     78publication in IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems.
     80The following publication from HP is under submission for review:
     82On Correlations between Capacity and Available Bandwidth.
     85=== Outreach activities ===
     87Sonia Fahmy discussed the project with participants attending the IEEE
     88International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP) 2009, and the
     89Computer Communication Workshop (CCW) 2009, both held in October 2009.
     91Sonia Fahmy also served on the technical program committees (TPCs) of
     92SIGMETRICS 2010 and INFOCOM 2010, and reviewed several measurement
     93and testbed-related papers.
     95Puneet Sharma served on the TPC of COMSNETS 2010 and reviewed several
     96measurement architecture-related papers.
     99=== Collaborations ===
     101During the sixth GENI Engineering Conference, held in Salt Lake City,
     102Utah, we discussed the project with other measurement projects that
     103started in spiral 2 and those that had started in spiral 1. We
     104discussed common aspects with the teams from University of Kentucky,
     105University of Wisconsin, and the Ohio State University.  We also
     106discussed the project with additional ProtoGENI teams, including the
     107team from University of Washington.
     110=== Other Contributions ===