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Rspec Extension Proposal to Enable Port Mapping

By Hussamuddin Nasir [Hussamuddin Nasir]

Attached is a sample rspec node and its manifest with the proposed extension.

What i propose is that in a request rspec , the user also adds another tag called "rs:port" as shown below <node> <services> <rs:ports requested_port="80"> <rs:ports requested_port="169"> </services> </node>

The manifest returned by the Control Frameworks, will add the information on the mapping provided to the user which can be of the the form

<rs:ports requested_port="80" mapped_port="77756"

<rs:ports requested_port="169" mapped_port="77757"

the "mapped_port" and "mapped_hostname" would be the port number and hostname to which the requested_port number for that PC/VM is mapped to.

I am not sure if this is the ultimate solution, but the purpose could be two fold.

  1. In cases where the aggregates have firewall in place, this attribute could serve as a directive for the aggregate to open up that port or map it to an alternate port so that the experiment works as designed.
  1. In our case we have connectivity to port 80 or other ports on the VMs we need.

Comments and suggestions are encouraged...:)

(Be advised. this is only a proposal/idea that could be forwarded to the CF people )

-- cheers,

(Hussamuddin Nasir)

Netlab Operations Team

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