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    1 = GENI Prototypes & Related Projects =
     1= GENI Related Projects =
    33There are many related projects to GENI of various sizes, institutions, and funding sources.  Put information here for projects you are involved in or know about.
     6== Related efforts around the world ==
    58|| '''''Project name...''''' || '''''a few sentences summarizing the project...''''' || '''''links...''''' ||
    610|| '''AKARI & JGN2plus''' || Two related project sponsored by the Japanese gov't.  AKARI is a project to develop a ''new generation network'' with an emphasis on advanced optical capabilities.  JGN2plus is a testbed development for experimentation to support AKARI. || [ english project page]  [ presentation to GEC2] ||
     12|| '''FIRE''' || The Future Internet Research & Experimentation project, sponsored by the European Union under the ICT theme of EU Framework Programme 7. || [ FIRE project page]  [ FIREworks page] [[br]] [wiki:FIREGENI FIRE & GENI]||
     15== Prototypes ==
    717|| '''ProtoGENI''' || A prototyping effort lead by Utah to build a large-scale, functional, GENI prototype on a rapid time frame. We have several subnets lined up already, including clusters, NetFPGA hardware, building-scale wireless, urban mesh wireless, residential broadband, and a wireless emulator, but are always looking for more. || [ Project page] -- [ Slides from presentation to GEC1] ||
    819|| '''Wireless Emulator''' || The CMU wireless emulator testbed uses signal propagation emulation support fully repeatable wireless experiments.  Flexible control over the signal propagation environment make it possible to recreate very diverse wireless environments. The emulator is part of CMULab, which uses the Utah ProtoGENI software for testbed management. || [ Project page] -- [ Slides from presentation to GEC2] ||