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Checklist for Regional Workshop at NEIU

Sept. 18-19 2015

1. Host Checklist

As Early as Possible

  1. Get 2 rooms for tutorials
    • 1 room with capacity ~70
    • 1 room with capacity ~50
    • Space for demos/posters
  2. Find keynote speaker
  3. Create flyer for event
  4. Email/distribute flyer in colleges/universities in region
    • NEIU
    • Northwestern U
    • U. of Illinois, Chicago
    • Loyola U.
    • Illinois Institute of Technology
    • DePaul U.
  5. Start discussions with catering
    • Breakfast and lunch on Days 1 & 2
    • Food at poster/demo session?
  6. Start soliciting posters/demos from local universities. Work presented does not have to be GENI related.

Logistics Details

  1. Seating: Sufficient room for participants to have a laptop and printed instructions in front of them.
  2. Projector and screen
  3. Microphone for instructor. Preferably lapel microphone. Microphone on a podium is ok. No handheld microphone.
  4. Network: Wired ethernet in front of room for instructor. Wireless for attendees.
  5. Network: Test network to ensure all required ports are open. See instructions. Make sure laptop being used for testing is connected only to the network used by the participants.
  6. Power: Power at each table.

1 week before event

  1. Email logistics information to participants
    • Link to agenda
    • Directions
    • Parking
  2. Badges/nametags for participants

Few days before event

  1. Print instructions and worksheets for tutorials

2. Joint Host/GPO Checklist

  1. Registration page for workshop:
  2. Web page for workshop
    • Event description
    • Locatio, directions, parking info
    • Link to registration
    • Hotel info
    • Agenda

2 weeks before workshop

  1. Inform GMOC

1 week before workshop

  1. Create GENI project for workshop
  2. Email pre-workshop tasks: accounts, tools, etc.
  3. Inform aggregate owners