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Checklist for GENI Regional Workshops

Suggested usage:

  • Make a copy of this template ad customize if for the workshop
  • Strike tasks off the list as they get done (~strikethrough font~)
  • Add to checklist links to registration pages, workshop website, workshop flyer, etc

Event Dates and Location

Room Requirements

  1. Seating: Sufficient room for participants to have a laptop and printed instructions in front of them.
  2. Projector and screen
  3. Microphone for instructor. Preferably lapel microphone. Microphone on a podium is ok. No handheld microphone.
  4. Network: Wired ethernet in front of room for instructor. Wireless for attendees.
  5. Network: Test network to ensure all required ports are open. See instructions. Make sure laptop used for testing is connected only to the network used by the participants.
  6. Power: Power at each table.
  7. Help: It is nice to have a student/staff member available at least the 1st day of the workshop to help with logistics

As Early as Possible

  1. Get 2 rooms for tutorials
    • 1 room with capacity ~70
    • 1 room with capacity ~50
    • Space for demos/posters
  2. Find keynote speaker
  3. Create flyer for event
  4. Event registration site (typically Google Form)
  5. Create event website
    • Event description
    • Locatio, directions, parking info
    • Link to registration
    • Hotel info
    • Agenda
  6. Email/distribute flyer in colleges/universities in region, local IEEE chapter, student chapters of ACM and IEEE
  7. Email GENI lists
    • geni-announce
    • geni-users
    • geni-educators
  8. Start discussions with catering
  9. Start soliciting posters/demos from local universities. Work presented does not have to be GENI related.

Six weeks before event

  1. Draft agenda based on preferences expressed in registration forms
  2. Check with potential instructors if they are available

Five weeks before event

  1. Travel grant decisions made
  2. Inform attendees if they have been accepted or not
  3. I doing demos/posters: Solicit from attendees and

Four weeks before event

  1. Finalize agenda
  2. Inform instructors so they can make travel arrangements
  3. Gather tutorial requirements from instructors
    • Advance work needed by attendees (e.g. tool installation)
    • Resources required (# of VMs per attendee, etc)
    • Printing requirements. Host's deadline for printing instructions, worksheets, etc.
  4. Create temp accounts

Two weeks before event

  1. Send advance work instructions (Portal account, tool installation, etc)
  2. Send link to form where attendees indicate session preferences (if workshop has parallel tracks)

One week before event

  1. Send reminder about advance work
  2. Inform GMOC and aggregate owners
  3. Create GENI Project for event; add instructors
  4. Create feedback form for attendees to complete at workshop

Few days before event

  1. Email logistics information to participants
    • Link to agenda
    • Directions
    • Parking
  2. Badges/nametags for participants
  3. Sign-up sheets
  4. Print instructions and worksheets for tutorials
  5. Signs from parking lots to classrooms (if needed)

After the event

  1. Follow-up email to attendees
  2. Delete any temp accounts 1.. Expire GENI project