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     1'''Project Number''' 1650
     3'''Prototyping Techniques to Implement Opt-In'''[[BR]]
     4a.k.a. Regional Opt-In, REGOPT
     7'''Technical Contacts'''
     9Principal Investigator Matt Mathis [[BR]]
     12'''Participating Organizations'''
     14[  Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center]  Pittsburgh, PA[[BR]]
     15[ Three Rivers Optical Exchange] Pittsburgh, PA[[BR]]
     16[ Carnegie Mellon University] Pittsburgh, PA
     21The scope of work on this project is to develop a prototype mechanism that allows researchers or enterprise network managers to direct campus/enterprise traffic to/from the public Internet through GENI infrastructure in a way that meets  opt-in requirements for GENI.
     23Priority activities that contribute to this scope include the following items:[[BR]]
     261) Produce an opt-in requirements document covering this mechanism for the GENI Spiral 1 prototype environment.
     282) Produce a reference design showing how a planned Spiral 1 project(s) opt-in can be implemented with Spiral 1 end-to-end connections.
     303) Demonstrate how GENI could use this local opt-in mechanism to manage test and background traffic loads at GENI scales.
     35milestone:"REGOPT:Produce opt-in requirements document"
     37milestone:"REGOPT:Produce reference opt-in design for a Spiral 1 project"
     39milestone:"REGOPT:Experimental use of local opt-in prototype"  (begins with soliciting participants before prototype completion)
     41milestone:"REGOPT:Develop local opt-in prototype"
     43milestone:"REGOPT:Demonstrate local opt-in"
     46'''Project Technical Documents'''
     48''Links to wiki pages for the project's technical documents go here.  List should include any document in the working groups, as well as other useful documents.  Projects may have a full tree of wiki pages here.
     51[ Regional Opt-In presentation at GEC3]
     53'''Spiral 1 Connectivity'''
     55Initial local deployment for this project is planned at 3ROX.  External addresses are TBD.  This project might want to use GENI address space if it becomes available, or some other unused address space that is disjoint from current production announcements, or can otherwise tolerate potential GENI churn.  IP connectivity between the Regional Opt-In prototype infrastructure and the clearinghouse that this project eventually selects will be required.  ProtoGENI is a likely clearinghouse partner.
     57There are no special Layer 2 virtual Ethernet requirements for this project.
     59This project and [wiki:CmuLab] share some infrastructure, since they will both involve CMU students and networks.
     61'''GPO Liason System Engineer'''
     65'''Related Projects'''
     67none currently listed