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Realizing GENI in the Three-Tier R&E Infrastructure
a.k.a. QUILT

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator Jen Leasure

Participating Organizations

The Quilt in Seattle, WA

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Heidi Dempsey


This project will convene a workshop to explore issues and ideas for using GENI in regional and state networks that can interoperate with early spiral GENI campus and backbone network projects. The Quilt will solicit a wide range of participants from the three network tiers, as well as others in the R&E community, and in GENI to get a wide range of inputs and ideas for current and future GENI development.


MilestoneDate(Quilt: S2.a Form Workshop Committee)?
MilestoneDate(Quilt: S2.b Convene Planning Committee)?
MilestoneDate(Quilt: S2.c Complete Workshop Program)?
MilestoneDate(Quilt: S2.d Open Registration and Travel Request Form)?
MilestoneDate(Quilt: S2.e Close Registration and Travel Requests)?
Workshop (Due Summer 2010 exact date TBD)
workshop information Workshop held after GEC8 7/22-23 2010

MilestoneDate(QUILT: S3.a Complete final Quilt workshop report)?

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1Q10 Status Report

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