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Technical Contacts

PI: John Regehr
Primary Technical POC: Rob Ricci
Tech staff: Leigh Stoller, key developer, clearinghouse & CM API Leigh Stoller
Tech staff: Mike Hibler, developer, slicing components
Tech staff: David Johnson, staff, developer, slicing components

Participating Organizations

University of Utah, Flux Research Group
HP Labs, contact is Rick McGeer
Internet2, contact is Matt Zekauskas


This project includes a large-scale integration of existing and under-construction systems that provide key GENI functionality. The integration consists of four key components: a nationwide, high-speed backbone on Internet2’s wave infrastructure; a set of sliceable, user programmable components embedded in this backbone, including PCs and “programmable hardware” NetFPGA cards; a set of subnets, including a variety of wireless networks, residential broadband, and programmable edge clusters, that will be connected to this backbone; and software from the University of Utah, based on an enhanced version of the Emulab testbed management software, plus additional software from PlanetLab and VINI, to manage the backbone, many of the subnets, and to provide a common point of integration between them.

The primary contributions of this project to GENI Spiral 1 are the development and deployment of the ProtoGENI programmable network on Internet2; deployment and operation of a prototype clearinghouse, control framework, and tools; delivery of reference clearinghouse and component manager implementations available to GENI prototype developers to use in their own aggregate or campus infrastructures; and limited integration and development support for those users so that reference implementations can be deployed at multiple GENI locations.


MilestoneDate(ProtoGENI: Demo)?
MilestoneDate(ProtoGENI: Implementation of clearinghouse and aggregate manager)?
MilestoneDate(ProtoGENI: Integrate, install 3 nodes in I2 -)?
MilestoneDate(ProtoGENI: Control Plane integration of backbone nodes)?
MilestoneDate(ProtoGENI: L2 control in backbone nodes)?
MilestoneDate(ProtoGENI: Support experiments on ProtoGENI cluster)?
MilestoneDate(ProtoGENI: control plane integration of cluster-mates)?

Project Technical Documents

  1. -- a wiki documenting ProtoGENI's design and the reasoning behind its design decisions
  2. An Integrated Experimental Environment for Distributed Systems and Networks. White, Lepreau, Stoller, Ricci, Guruprasad, Newbold, Hibler, Barb, Joglekar. In Proc. of the Fifth Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI 2002), December 2002. -- slightly dated but useful
  3. Emulab tutorial -- not too long, informative, no software architecture

Quarterly Status Reports

1Q09 Status Report | 4Q08 Status Report

Spiral 1 Connectivity

IP connectivity between the clearinghouse server(s) at University of Utah, Emulab, and all ProtoGENI cluster member locations (CmuLab, InstrumentationTools, MeasurementSystem, DTunnels) is required for SPIRAL1. Layer 2 virtual ethernets are required between ProtoGENI cluster machines in Emulab at the University of Utah and ProtoGENI sliceable backbone components installed at Internet2 optical switching nodes. Layer 2 virtual ethernets are also required between all operational ProtoGENI backbone components. For SPIRAL1, only two of these ProtoGENI backbone components are required, but additional components will also be installed at other Internet2 locations as part of GENI and other parallel projects, and these components may be used in SPIRAL1 if they are available. (Locations of these two nodes are TBD. See attached Internet2 map for possible locations, indicated by places where I2 optical switches (yelow dots) and routers (black dots) are colocated.) Connections with co-located VINI nodes (VINI node map)in the Internet2 backbone are TBD. Virtual ethernet connections between ProtoGENI backbone components and the InstrumentationTools lab at the University of Kentucky will be required for SPIRAL 1 demonstrations. Virtual ethernet connections for demonstrations between Emulab and the InstrumentationTools lab are TBD. AddressInfo.

GPO Liason System Engineer

Aaron Falk Aaron Falk

Related Projects

Collaborating and using code from PlanetLab and VINI (contact is Nick Feamster, also of DTunnels).


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