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    5858   IP connectivity between the clearinghouse server(s) at University of Utah, Emulab, and all ProtoGENI cluster member locations (CmuLab, InstrumentationTools, MeasurementSystem, DTunnels) is required for SPIRAL1.  Layer 2 virtual ethernets are required between ProtoGENI cluster machines in Emulab at the University of Utah and ProtoGENI sliceable backbone components installed at Internet2 optical switching nodes.  Layer 2 virtual ethernets are also required between all operational ProtoGENI backbone components.  For SPIRAL1, only two of these ProtoGENI backbone components are required, but additional components will also be installed at other Internet2 locations as part of GENI and other parallel projects, and these components may be used in SPIRAL1 if they are available.  (Locations of these two nodes are TBD.  See attached [ Internet2 map] for possible locations, indicated by places where I2 optical switches (yelow dots) and routers (black dots) are colocated.) Connections with co-located VINI nodes ([,-98.261719&spn=23.700812,57.128906&z=4&source=embed  VINI node map])in the Internet2 backbone are TBD. Virtual ethernet connections between ProtoGENI backbone components and the InstrumentationTools lab at the University of Kentucky will be required for SPIRAL 1 demonstrations.  Virtual ethernet connections for demonstrations between Emulab and the InstrumentationTools lab are TBD.  AddressInfo.
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