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     3= ProtoGENI/PGAugmentation/PGTools Project Status Reports =
     5Period: April 2010 - June 2010
     7'''Note:''' This is a "comprehensive" report for the three GENI subcontracts
     8held by the University of Utah. For concrete accomplishments, milestones, etc.
     9I have marked major items in this report with '''''P''''' (for ProtoGENI), '''''A''''',
     10(for PGAugmentation), or '''''T''''' (for PGTools) to make it clear which activities
     11were conducted under which subcontract.
     13== I. Major accomplishments ==
     15=== A. Milestones achieved ===
     17'''''P'' ProtoGENI.S2.f:''' Improved interfaces for viewing operational state, history, and usage
     19Administrators of Emulab sites that have enabled ProtoGENI support now have
     20two new views available to them on the web interface.
     22The first is "GENI Slices", which shows the GENI slices that are currently
     23active at the local CM, SA, and Clearinghouse. Examining each slice gives the
     24administrator the ability to view the creator, dates when the slice was
     25created and expires, and the manifest for the slice. The slice page also allows
     26the administrator to delete slivers on their local CM.
     28The second view is "GENI History", which presents historical information about
     29slices that are not currently active. It includes the history of tickets issued
     30by the CM, along with the dates they were active and the slice and user that
     31the ticket was issued to.
     33'''''P'' ProtoGENI.S2.g:''' GENI Software Integration Release 2
     35Though there does not seem to have been a formal "GENI Software Integration
     36Release", we released a snapshot of the ProtoGENI code on June 14 via our
     37source code repository. The repository is available here:
     38[] .
     40'''''A'' PGINTEGRN: S2.d''' Experimenters guide
     42We released a tutorial for ProtoGENI experimenters, which can be found
     43at [].
     45'''''T'' PGTools: S2.d''' Demonstration Demonstration of v1.1 ProtoGENI experimenter tools at GEC
     47We gave a demonstration of the ProtoGENI experimenter tools at GEC7 during
     48the demo session. A video recording of part of this demonstration can be
     49found here: []
     51'''''T'' PGTools: S2.e''' Updated user guide Second version of user guide for ProtoGENI experimenter tools
     53Our tutorial for the Emulab frontend to ProtoGENI is available here:
     56'''''T'' PGTools: S2.f''' V1.2 release of experimenter tools
     58This was released as part of the software snapshot detailed above.
     60=== B. Deliverables made ===
     62 * Software releases: ''P, T'' snapshots detailed above
     63 * Documentation: ''P, A, T'' in addition to the documentation listed above, we
     64   have documented many of our APIs, data structures, and design decisions
     65   at []
     66 * Example code and RSpecs: ''A, T'' In addition to the main source snapshots
     67   and documentation listed above, we have released sample code, RSpecs, NS
     68   files, and more on []
     70== II. Description of work performed during last quarter ==
     72=== A. Activities and findings ===
     74Much of our work this quarter has been focused on getting the APIs and their
     75implementations "solid" enough for users. So, in addition to the milestones
     76listed above, we have spent significant time fixing bugs, clarifying the
     77behavior of corner cases, and finding usability issues. This work was driven by
     78the many early users of ProtoGENI - at last count, 70 users had created over
     792,000 slices (many of which have been for testing and debugging.) We have had
     80interactions with many of these users, primarily though email, helping them to
     81get started. We also conducted a "user feedback" session during a cluster
     82meeting at GEC7, and will conduct another at GEC8.
     84A major project that we participated in this quarter is the "GENI AM API". BBN
     85is leading a project to provide a common Aggregate Manager interface that
     86crosses multiple control frameworks, including ProtoGENI. We have participated
     87in this effort by meeting with GPO staff, providing assistance with the
     88ProtoGENI software, and contributing to the design. The GPO code is now
     89included in standard ProtoGENI software releases, and is enabled on the Utah
     92We also did a significant amount of work on ProtoGENI under funding directly
     93from the NSF. That work is detailed in our NSF annual report rather than
     94this report.
     96=== B. Project participants ===
     98The following personnel from Utah worked on these projects:
     100 * Robert Ricci (Research Assistant Professor)
     101 * Leigh Stoller (Research Staff)
     102 * Jon Duerig (Research Staff)
     103 * Gary Wong (Research Staff)
     104 * David Johnson (Research Staff)
     105 * Dan Reading (System Administrator)
     106 * Srikanth Chikkulapelly (Masters Student)
     108Others participated in ProtoGENI under direct funding from NSF.
     110=== C. Publications (individual and organizational) ===
     112No publications were funded by these projects during this time period.
     114=== D. Outreach activities ===
     116 * Robert Ricci and Jon Duerig gave a tutorial at the "GENI Experimenters
     117   Workshop" in Princeton, NJ, the goal of which was to attract new users to
     118   GENI
     119 * Robert Ricci participated in a "Federation Workshop" in Princeton, NJ which
     120   included discussion of federation of GENI-like facilities from Europe and
     121   Asia
     122 * Robert Ricci served on the organizing committee for the Quilt GENI workshop,
     123   to be help in conjunction with GEC8, which aims to get regional networks
     124   involved with GENI
     125 * Robert Ricci serves on the 'GENI Alpha' committee, which is recruiting
     126   and organizing demos of GENI users for GEC9
     127 * We have been in contact with groups in Korea (KISTI) and Taiwan (TWISC)
     128   which are not currently part of GENI, but which are considering joining
     129   the ProtoGENI federation
     130 * Matt Strum (who works on ProtoGENI-related activities funded by other
     131   sources) gave a talk about ProtoGENI at KISTI in Daejon, Korea
     133=== E. Collaborations ===
     135We have worked extensively with other projects, both within our cluster and
     136with other clusters as well. A significant amount of our work, particularly
     137for the PGAugmentation contract, has involved coordinating with cluster
     138members, projects outside of the cluster, and users.
     140Interaction within the cluster has taken place in the following ways:
     141 * Bi-weekly cluster conference calls, which we lead with the help of our
     142   GPO system engineer, Vic Thomas
     143 * The and mailing lists, which
     144   are used for cluster-wide coordination and development discussions
     145 * Cluster meetings at GECs
     146 * Occasional email exchanges and phone calls with cluster members
     148Our interactions with GENI projects outside of our cluster have included:
     149 * Collaborating on a draft "SFA 2.0" document
     150 * Providing projects outside of the cluster (SPP, MAX, GpENI) with access
     151   to the Internet2-donated bandwidth that is accessed through ProtoGENI
     152   switches
     153 * Advising other projects that are considering using or implementing
     154   ProtoGENI APIs
     156=== F. Other Contributions ===
     158 * Robert Ricci is currently serving as co-chair of the Control Framework
     159   Working Group
     160 * Robert Ricci contributed to a draft article that will be submitted to CACM