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GENI Project Lead Welcome Page

Congratulations on becoming a GENI Project Lead! Learn more about GENI Projects in the Key GENI Concepts page.

As a Project Lead you can now create GENI Projects and invite collaborators to join your projects. You will automatically be added to any slices created by your project members and can log into resources they create.

Project Lead Responsibilities

As a project lead you are responsible for all GENI-related actions by your project members. You must therefore add to your projects only people you know or collaborate with.

Tips for Project Leads

  1. Create separate projects for your different research projects and the classes you teach. This will help you control access to your projects.
  2. Set expiration dates for projects with known end dates. For example,you might want your class projects set to expire at the end of the semester. When the project expires, all slices and resources in that project will be deleted. Expired projects can be reactivated at any time. Project membership will be maintained across expiration and reactivation.
  3. You can delegate some of your lead functions to project admins. For example, you may make your research assistant an admin for a research project or your teaching assistant an admin for your class project. Admins can invite or add members to your project and are automatically added to slices created by project members. You are still responsible for the actions of your project members.
  4. Do not accept a request to join a project if you do not intend to collaborate with the requestor. Please forward the join request to so we can help the requestor find a suitable project.

Creating Projects and Adding Members

Review the instructions for creating a project using the GENI Portal.