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    3535=== A. Activities and findings ===
    36 We are installing a local implementation of ORCA on UAF servers to pair with our myPLC installation. Once complete, UAF will demonstrate VMI instrumentation and measurement viability on ORCA and myPLC control frameworks at GEC8.
     36Dr. Kara Nance, Dr. Brian Hay, and John Quan submitted a paper about trading services for resources in large-scale networks. Inspiration for this paper based on the need to promote real world uses for GENI, and to increase opt-in user federation and experimentation in GENI.
    38 While investigating UA resources we heard system administrators express concerns about federating resources into GENI e.g., interference with VOIP systems, system security, etc. In order to solicit as many of these concerns as possible a survey was designed for distribution to GENI and other organizations in order to get a better understanding of what concerns and expectations people have about the GENI system.
     38Don Kline and John Quan have nearly completed a paper about standardizing resource classifications in large-scale networks. Inspiration for this paper follows directly from the findings in the documentation posted in the final spiral 2 deliverable made on 9/30/10.
     40Initial prototyping, and design changes of the classification schema described in the Model Federation Framework documentation.
     42Completed Eucalyptus 1.6 install on one UAF server.  Still installing ORCA 2.1 on another server.
    4044=== B. Project participants ===