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Programmable Edge Node
a.k.a. UMLPEN

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: Yan Luo
Student Developer: Chunhui Zhang
Student Developer: Yu Liu

Participating Organizations University of Massachusetts, Lowell MA



UMLPEN: Acquire HW for single PEN
UMLPEN: Develop PEN SW modules
UMLPEN: Develop measurement and diagnostic tools
UMLPEN: Integrate PEN with GENI control framework
UMLPEN: Deployable PEN available
UMLPEN: Architecture and Design Documents
UMLPEN: Security Team Collaboration

Project Technical Documents

Background Reading
Virtualization Technologies: XEN and OpenVZ
In this project, we choose to use OpenVZ for its virtualization of network stacks and moderate isolation.

Network Processors: IXP2850 and Acceleration-cards
Network processors (NPs) are multicore multithreaded processors optimized for network packet processing.

Relevance of UMLPEN to GENI
UMLPEN Architecture

Spiral 1 Connectivity

The earliest connectivity requirement will be towards the end of year 1. The PEN deployment will either be located in UML labs or within one of the GENI substrate infrastructure networks. This will be determined during the year. IP connectivity between the PEN node and the UML lab (if they are not colocated) will be required after deployment. Layer 2 virtual ethernet connections are not required. Updates on this deployment decision can be monitored through the milestone UMLPEN: Deployable PEN available.

GPO Liason System Engineer

John Jacob

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