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This is a list of projects with GENI resources that are available on a "production" basis. For the purposes of this list, "production" means that the projects involved have agreed to grant resource access to GENI researchers who comply with local site access policies. These sites will keep resources available on best-effort basis (not guaranteed). GENI does not yet provide full operations monitoring, support and troubleshooting for these sites, but researchers have successfully used them. Email for quuestions or problems with these resources.

There are many other resources in GENI that may also be available for use, but require special arrangements with the PI for use (see SpiralTwo for a list of active projects). Email for quuestions or problems with these resources.


Internet Scale Overlay Hosting

Million Node GENI

OpenFlow at BBN

OpenFlow at Clemson University

OpenFlow at Georgia Tech

OpenFlow at Indiana University

OpenFlow at Kansas State University

OpenFlow at Rutgers University

OpenFlow at the University of Wisconsin Madison OpenFlow at University of Washington

OpenFlow at Stanford University


ProtoGENI (backbone and Emulab resources)

TIED (DETER resources)