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Add more description about types of resources


As of March 2011, the criteria for production resources are:

  1. The project has agreed to grant resource access to GENI researchers who comply with local site access policies.
  2. The project has agreed to keep the resource available on a best-effort basis (no guarantees).
  3. GENI researchers have successfully used the resource previously.

These criteria will evolve as GENI deployments become more mature.

Many other resources in GENI are also available, but may require special arrangements with the PI. You can browse the full list of GENI aggregates and currently active GENI projects in Spiral 3 to find all existing and developing GENI resources.

Experimenters can also use production resources exercised regularly as part of the Tango GENI project by contacting


The following resources are currently considered to be production; the link in the Resource column points to the resource's aggregate info page (many of which are still forthcoming).

Resource Associated GENI Project
Internet Scale Overlay Hosting Internet Scale Overlay Hosting
Million Node GENI Million Node GENI
Clemson University OpenFlow testbed OFCLEM
Georgia Tech OpenFlow testbed OFGT
GPO Lab OpenFlow testbed OFBBN
Indiana University OpenFlow testbed? OFIU
Kansas State University OpenFlow testbed
Rutgers University OpenFlow testbed? OFRG
Stanford OpenFlow testbed OFSTAN
University Of Washington OpenFlow testbed? OFUWA
University Of Wisconsin Madison OpenFlow testbed OFUWI
PlanetLab PlanetLab
Utah ProtoGENI testbed ProtoGENI

You can send mail to with questions or problem reports about any of these resources.

Becoming production

If you support a resource that meets the criteria above, and you'd like to see it listed here, please send mail to with more details.