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    77== Project Title ==
    9 PrimoGENI – Developing GENI Aggregates for Real-Time Large-Scale Network Simulation [[BR]]
    10 PrimoGENI
     9PrimoGENI Constellation for Distributed At-Scale Hybrid Network Experimentation
    1211=== Technical Contacts ===
    14 '''PI''' Jason Liu [[BR]]
    15 '''Co-PI''' Julio Ibarra [[BR]]
    16 '''Co-PI''' Heidi Alvarez [[BR]]
    17 Miguel A. Erazo [[BR]]
    18 Nathanael Van Vorst [[BR]]
     13Jason Liu [[BR]]
    2115=== Participating Organizations ===
    2418Florida International University [[BR]]
    2519Miami, Florida [[BR]]
    26 [[BR]]
    27 Center for Internet Augmented Research and Assessment (CIARA) [[BR]]
    28 Florida International University [[BR]]
    29 Miami, Florida.
    3121=== GPO Liaison System Engineer ===
    3525== Scope ==
     27PrimoGENI will support at-scale network experiments with different kinds of GENI resources. The project will develop targeted experiments for advanced network studies including PrimoGENI interoperation with SDN applications, and also enhance education and research training for PrimoGENI.
     29=== Earlier development of PrimoGENI ===
    3731This work will integrate a large-scale, real-time network simulator (PRIME) into ProtoGENI, thus enabling slices involving both physical and simulated networked components.  The experimenter tools, including experiment design and management tools, developed by this project, will be integrated with the ProtoGENI suite of tools.  In addition to deploying and supporting the prototype network simulator service and tools, the project will also facilitate connections between the GENI resources and geographically distributed computational nodes located in Miami at FIU and in Brazil.
    5852 * An assessment on the effectiveness PrimoGENI and the potential opt-ins through usage statistics, such as user activity levels of experiments, and dissection of applications involving experiments with simulated/emulated components.
    60 === Current Capabilities ===
     54== Milestones ==
    62 A design document of the PrimoGENI aggregate has been completed. The
    63 design document provides a detailed description on how to integrate
    64 the large-scale real-time network simulator PRIME into the ProtoGENI
    65 control framework as a GENI aggregate, so that GENI users, developers
    66 and administrators can use the well-defined interface to remotely
    67 control and realize network experiments consisting of physical,
    68 simulated and emulated network entities exchanging real network
    69 traffic. Once the document is reviewed by the ProtoGENI cluster, GENI
    70 security team, GPO and any other interested parties, it will be used
    71 as a guideline for the implementation of the PrimoGENI aggregate, and
    72 as a baseline for the validation of its functionalities.
     56 * '''GEC21 (October 2014)''': Demonstrate PrimoGENI capabilities of running hybrid experiments on different GENI resources (including ProtoGENI, InstaGENI, and ExoGENI racks); demonstrate the initial capabilities of !MyExperiment, which is aimed at supporting a public model repository of experiment topologies and configurations for the GENI users. '''(accomplished)'''
     57 * '''GEC22 (March 2015)''': Complete the development of !MyExperiment and demonstrate its full capabilities, which allow GENI users to manage PrimoGENI experiments, such as creating new models, extending existing models, sharing models, and publishing experiment results, all through the public repository managed by !MyExperiment. In addition, !MyExperiment shall be fully incorporated into PrimoGENI tool-chain and its experiment workflow.
     58 * '''GEC23 (June 2015)''': Enhance PromoGENI? capabilities to support large-scale hybrid experiment, by combining efficient parallel simulation and scalable lightweight virtual machine solutions (such as Linux containers); demonstrate running hybrid large-scale network experiments with PrimoGENI.
     59 * '''GEC24 (October 2015)''': Facilitate support for hybrid experiment for !OpenFlow-based SDN applications on PrimoGENI; demonstrate PrimoGENI’s capability of running hybrid SDN experiments; conduct tutorial to train GENI experimenters on using PrimoGENI.
    74 === Milestones ===
    76 == Spiral 4 ==
     61=== Spiral 4 Milestones ===
    7863 * [[MilestoneDate(PrimoGENI: S4.a Experimenter outreach)]]
    8267 * [[MilestoneDate(PrimoGENI: S4.e "Deliver software, documentation, user guides")]]
    8569== Project Technical Documents ==
    87 [wiki:PrimoGENIDesignDocument PrimoGENI Aggregate 1.0 Design Document]
     71Go to [ PrimoGENI website] for further details.
    89 === Quarterly Status Reports ===
     73== Quarterly Status Reports ==
     75'''Previous Project Reports'''
    9177[wiki:PrimoGENIStatusReport2009Q4 Q4-2009] [[BR]]
    9480[attachment:primogeni-project-review-08302010.pptx Spiral 2 Year-end Project Review]
    96 === Spiral 2 Connectivity ===
    98 TBA. Links to wiki pages about details of infrastrcture that the project is using (if any).  Examples include IP addresses, hostnames, URLs, DNS servers, local site network maps, VLANIDs (if permanent VLANs are used), pointers to public keys.  GPO may do first drafts of any of these and have the PI correct them to bootstrap.  May also include ticket links for pending or known connectivity issues.  Many projects will have a full tree of wiki pages here.
    100 === Related Projects ===
    102 [ Parallel Real-time Immersive network Modeling Environment (PRIME)]