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Experimenter Requirements

GENI experimenters provide major input to the meso-scale experiments requirements that drive this project. Following is the list of experimenter requirements as collected through GEC10. Requirements are listed by whether they MUST or MAY be satisfied in the Plastic Slices project, and whether they MUST or MAY be met in a future mesoscale integration project (currently all MAY).

The following requirements MUST be met within the Plastic Slices Project:

Requirement Met Known Issues
Include resources from multiple interoperating aggregates in a slice Y
Allow experimenters to control end-to-end data planes supporting a slice Y
Allow multiple experiment team members to share resources in a slice P Multiple team members can share resources in an experiment, but they're in different slices
Operate experiments continuously for three or more months P Experiments were started and stopped at various points during the project
Operate many experiments simultaneously Y
Support non-IP protocol experiments N MyPLC plnodes only support IP
Support comparison of IP and non-IP path results within an experiment N MyPLC plnodes only support IP
Support video and audio applications P The types of traffic sent are consistent with audio and video applications, but actual A/V apps were not tested

The following requirements MAY be met within the next meso-scale experiment project:

Requirement Met Known Issues
Support control and data connections from mobile endpoints N
Support use of cloud services with GENI slices N
Support up to 1000 hosts in an experiment N
Support BGPMux in an experiment N
Support experimenter-controlled load sharing N
Support bandwidth enforcement (QoS-like functions) N

The following general operations requirements from campuses, operators, and experimenters MAY be met:

Requirement Met Known Issues
Ensure that GENI experiments are compatible with campus security policies P Some recommendations made, no comprehensive review
Allow campuses to manage access to the resources they contribute to GENI P Some access control, but not very granular
Ensure that the level of effort required from campus IT staff to manage GENI experiments is reasonable, compared to similar research programs N
Make experiments easier to set up and take down than they were at GEC9 Y
Make experiments easier to change (add/delete resources, change data paths) than they were at GEC9 Y
Try out operations procedures and policies that can transition to production at-scale use P Emergency Stop testing is still in progress