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Experimenter Requirements

GENI experimenters provide major input to the meso-scale experiments requirements that drive this project. Following is a list of requirements as understood at this time.

The following requirements MUST be met within the Plastic Slices Project:

R001 - Include resources from multiple interoperating aggregates in a slice.
R002 - Allow experimenters to control end-to-end data planes supporting a slice.
R003 - Allow multiple experiment team members to share resources in a slice.
R004 - Operate experiments continuously for three or more months.
R005 - Operate many experiments simultaneously.
R006 - Support non-IP protocol experiments.
R007 - Support comparison of IP and non-IP path results within an experiment.
R008 - Support video and audio applications.

The following requirements MAY be met within the next meso-scale experiment project:

R009 - Support control and data connections from mobile endpoints.
R010 - Support use of cloud services with GENI slices.
R011 - Support up to 1000 hosts in an experiment.
R012 - Support BGPMux in an experiment.
R013 - Support experimenter-controlled load sharing.
R014 - Support bandwidth enforcement (QoS-like functions).

The following general operations requirements from campuses, operators, and experimenters MAY be met:

R015 - Ensure that GENI experiments are compatible with campus security policies.
R016 - Allow campuses to manage access to the resources they contribute to GENI.
R017 - Ensure that the level of effort required from campus IT staff to manage GENI experiments is reasonable, compared to similar research programs.
R018 - Make experiments easier to set up and take down than they were at GEC9.
R019 - Make experiments easier to change (add/delete resources, change data paths) than they were at GEC9.
R020 - Try out operations procedures and policies that can transition to production at-scale use.

Requirements Status

This section will track the status for each requirement listed above. Note the chart below captures 3 possible states for the requirement being met, they include (Y=Yes, N=No, and P=Partially met.)

Requirements that MUST be met for current project:

Req # Type Met Known Issues
R001 MUST Y ticket#,#
R002 MUST P ticket#,#
R003 MUST N ticket#,#
R004 MUST N ticket#,#
R005 MUST N ticket#,#
R006 MUST N ticket#,#
R007 MUST N ticket#,#
R008 MUST N ticket#,#
R008 MUST N ticket#,#

Requirements that MUST be met for next project:

Req # Type Met Known Issues
R009 MUST Y ticket#,#
R010 MUST P ticket#,#
R011 MUST N ticket#,#
R012 MUST N ticket#,#
R013 MUST N ticket#,#
R014 MUST N ticket#,#

Requirements that MAY for current project:

Req # Type Met Known Issues
R015 MAY N ticket#,#
R016 MAY N ticket#,#
R017 MAY N ticket#,#
R018 MAY N ticket#,#
R019 MAY N ticket#,#
R020 MAY N ticket#,#