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Standing Run 019

This was the nineteenth of a series of standing runs, and it only lasted a few hours, because it was a training exercise for a GPO employee.

In this run, we randomized hostpairs, and we dropped fiu-eg, uh-eg, and gpo-ig for various operational reasons.

It ran on 2014-04-22 for a few hours; the logs, graphs, and various other files, are at

That directory has six subdirectories:

  • 00ssh_config: SSH config fragments defining SSH aliases to use as hostnames, mapping those hostnames to the control interface on the corresponding host (or IP address) and port.
  • 00hosts: /etc/hosts style files mapping dataplane IP addresses to hostnames.
  • 00logins: Lists of the hostnames in each slice.
  • logs: The raw logs.
  • pngs: Graphs of the data in the logs.
  • rrds: RRD files used to create the graphs from the logs.

Those "hostnames" are used in the tables below as well.

Everything below this point was automatically generated by the script that manages the other aspects of the slice configuration.