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Plastic Slices Status

Periodic status reports will be generated at the completion of each baseline during the Plastic Slices Project. This page will capture all status and progress within specified area by baselines. Additionally, planned interim and final reports are also captured in this page.

Baseline 1 Status

Question: What major areas should be covered in each status?


  • Actual progress against planned baseline evaluation criteria
  • Baseline results (successful criteria and failed criteria)
  • Update on which requirements have been met in this milestone in progress towards the Project goals
  • Monitoring results and assessment
  • Tools and support updates
  • Issues by category (blocking, critical, major)
  • other

Baseline 2 Status

... same topics as previous

Baseline 3 Status

Baseline 4 Status

Baseline 5 Status

Baseline 6 Status

Baseline 7 Status

Baseline 8 Status