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Prototyping and Validating the GENI Control Framework
a.k.a PlanetLab

Technical Contacts

PI: Larry Peterson
Tech staff: Andy Bavier
Tech staff: Tony Mack

Participating Organizations

Princeton University


The scope of work on this project is to prototype the control framework that logically stitches GENI components and user-level services into a coherent system; integrates a representative set of components and autonomous organizations into a coherent, operational whole; integrates edge clusters, high-performance backbone nodes, enterprise-level nodes, and edge-sitting wireless nodes; and federates across multiple independently-controlled aggregates, including those managed by international and corporate partners. This effort will culminate in a running system that can be accessed by the network research community.

Specific development goals include creating and deploying component manager packages and clearinghouse packages; operating a prototype clearinghouse; making reference clearinghouse and component manager implementations available via download to GENI prototype developers to use in their own aggregate or campus infrastructures; providing limited integration and development support for those users so that reference implementations can be deployed at multiple GENI locations; and providing GENI user access to PlanetLab (1000 nodes, 500 sites).

Current Capabilities


MilestoneDate(PlanetLab: S2.a GEC6 demo)?
MilestoneDate(PlanetLab: S2.b GENI Spiral 2 code release 1)?
MilestoneDate(PlanetLab: S2.c GEC7 demo)?
MilestoneDate(PlanetLab: S2.d GENI Spiral 2 code release 2)?
MilestoneDate(PlanetLab: S2.e GEC8 demo)?
MilestoneDate(PlanetLab: S2.f Prep for major demo)?

MilestoneDate(PlanetLab: S3.a "GENI AM API on PLC, PLE and VINI. ")?
MilestoneDate(PlanetLab: S3.b Prototype Clearinghouse via PLC Web site)?
MilestoneDate(PlanetLab: S3.c Clearinghouse GUI live on PLC Web site)?

Project Technical Documents

PlanetLab developer's website
GENI-specific PlanetLab development is focused on the sfa module in PlanetLabCentral. Information about this development can be found on the project wiki:

Quarterly Status Reports

4Q08 Status Report
1Q09 Status Report
1Q10 Status Report
2Q10 Status Report (Combined report for PlanetLab and PLfed)
Spiral 2 Review Presentation

Spiral 1 Connectivity


The PlanetLab Clearinghouse will be reachable via IP at ( All PlanetLab nodes will be reachable via IP.


Several VINI nodes will be reachable via L2 VLANs. Nodes are at 11 Internet2 PoPs (Seattle, LA, SLC, KC, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, DC, Philadelphia, Princeton, Prague) and 7 NLR PoPs (Seattle, LA, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, DC, Philadelphia). Node configurations are here.

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Vic Thomas

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